Recommendation to New Buyers

For new users of V2 Cigs, we recommend purchasing the starter kits. Depending on each kit, they provide different options for your personal needs. Starter Kits start at 24.95 and don't forget to insert the V2 coupon code "10offalways" to redeem your 15% discount.

V2 Cigs Review

"I have been smoking for the last 15 years ever since I was 16. Quitting cold turkey was very difficult and would only last a couple of weeks. Ever since I purchased my new V2 Cigs, I slowly reduced the nicotine levels and have been feeling a lot healthier! I plan to quit nicotine completely very soon. I would not be were I am today with out V2 Cigs!" - Carly Dale

Review #2

" I would like to thank V2 for saving my life!! Smoking began being a deadly habit after my divorce a couple years ago. I couldn't go a day without smoking a whole pack. Not only I saved tons of money but I spared some extra years in my future life ahead. V2's lifetime warranty is also a great service they offer to their loyal customers. I would recommend them to anyone! - Kyle Lim